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Interview Process

After you have submitted your resume, if you are selected for further consideration, a Learning Tree recruiter will contact you to start the interview process. An idea of a typical interview process is described below, subject to variation according to each position.

  1. Initially, you will be contacted to complete a phone interview, or possibly confirm some of the information on your application.

  2. If you are selected to move on to the next round, you will be asked to come to our location for a live interview that includes a series of tests, including basic Microsoft products and grammar/spelling tests, and in some cases job-specific tests. This will be personalized by position. We will discuss the testing in more detail at this stage. At Learning Tree, we view the testing process as one piece of our recruitment cycle. It gives an idea of where a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses are.

  3. In some cases we might ask you to complete additional interviews, depending on the level of position.

  4. At this point, if you are selected, we check your references. We will communicate with you when we start contacting the references provided.

  5. Once we have decided on whether to extend an offer, we will get all necessary approvals and keep in touch with you. Of course, we will reach out right away with a formal offer once we are able to. We do make offers verbally and then follow up with a formal letter.

If you have any questions during your Interview process, please reach out to our Human Resources department.

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